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Gehn.19 veröffentlicht!

Wieder einmal haben die Gilde der Schreiber und die sie unterstützenden Programmierer bewiesen, dass sie ständig hinter den Kulissen weiterarbeiten, um das Uru-Erlebnis weiter zu verbessern. Die Gilde hat Version 19 ihres Shards Gehn freigegeben. Diese hat einige nette Neuerungen und Reparaturen vorzuweisen:

  • Emote /dance so geändert, dass die Animation in einer Schleife läuft.
  • Sicher gestellt, dass der Launcher die Redistributables tatsächlich installiert.
  • Einige Gedächtnislücken im Client repariert.
  • Eine ganze Menge hässlicher Gedächtnislücken im Server repariert.
  • HANDLE Lücken im Launcher repariert.
  • Mehrere mögliche Quellen für Programmabbrüche repariert.
  • Speicherbelastung durch unnötiges Kopieren von Zeichenketten reduziert.
  • Lückige Mücken geschlossen.

Vor allem die Tanzschleife wird zukünftige Parties noch viel spaßiger machen. Kein ständiges Wiederholen von Strg-4!

Wenn du den Shard gerne einmal ausprobieren möchtest, lade dir einfach den Installer von diesem Link herunter. Du musst nicht einmal Myst Online: URU Live Again installiert haben (aber es beschleunigt die Installation).

Weiter so, ihr wunderbaren Programmierer!

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All Guilds Meeting - January 2014

We're in a new year now and that means our first All Guilds Meeting of 2014!  A quick meeting to say the least.  Here are our raw and cleansed chatlogs in case you missed things, plus our usual handy summary:

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 was the first presenter, detailing his plans for his Cavern Tours.  They will begin again for 2014 starting on January 7th at 22:00 KI time.  Explorers can gather in Ae'gura about an hour prior to the start (21:00 KI time).  Along for the ride will be r'Tayrtahn as historian and Stone as the technician.  For anyone interested in organizing a European version of Cavern Tours, they're encouraged to contact Zeke on the MOULa forums (he is zeke3651 there) or at his e-mail (

Heritage Night Weiterlesen

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Gehn.18 Is Live!

The Guild of Writers has released the latest version of Gehn Shard...following a live broadcast where they gave curious explorers a look into how such a thing is achieved.

This build contains quite a few tweaks, improvements, fixes and revamps, including:

  • Add shinies.
  • Allow more than 50 public Neighborhoods.
  • Fix crash when linking to Gahreesen for the fifth time.
  • Fix kickables randomly warping to the origin on link-in.
  • Fix localized audio.
  • Fix lots of potential (but unreported) crashes.
  • Fix trashed unicode characters in KI chat.
  • Highlight chat messages that mention you by name.
  • Implement /loadclothing and /saveclothing.
  • Optimize client launch.
  • (Re-)brand ALL THE THINGS.
  • Revamp the game launcher.
  • Smooth out the various loading/updating screens.
  • Reverse engineer image consultant.


Don't forget that the GoW is hosting the final part of the Christmas Party Hop in Gehn Shard on Saturday, December 28th at 13:00 KI time.  Be sure to stop by and comment on their excellent work!

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Gehn.18 Release...With Live Feed

It's that time again!

The Guild of Writers is gearing up for a brand new release of their shard, Gehn.  We won't have a full list of the exact changes until the release, but a big one will be a fix to those pesky Eder Gira baskets!

And that's not all: the Guild will also be hosting a live chat and video feed on Google+ as they deploy the release.  This will be an interesting peek behind-the-scenes and a chance to see how much time and effort goes into releasing a new build for a shard.

The event will happen on Monday, December 23rd at 13:00 KI time (3PM EST/ 8PM UTC).  We will update this post with a full list of bug fixes at that time.

Congratulations on another job well done, GoW!

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23. Dezember 2013 - 13:00
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All Guilds Meeting - December 2013

2013 is drawing to a close and so has another All Guilds Meeting!  As always, here are the raw and cleansed chatlogs for you to enjoy.

Here's what went on for the final AGM of the year:

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara and Korov'ev were first up for the GoL.  Their D'ni Language Lessons continue, but they will now be done by appointment instead of at a set time.  If you'd like to set up a time for a session, PM them directly in-game or on the MOUL forums.

Mister Magic

Mister Magic was up next to talk about a couple of things.  First was about classes that have been organized to learn how to use the various bots in the cavern.  These are every second Friday each month at 13:00 KI time in the "Magic Ae'gura".  Second was The Fabulous Magical Treasure (FMT), which is a role-playing game in the cavern utilizing magic, bots and marker games.  More info can be found at their forums or on the MOUL forums.

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant, who has taken over duties as host of Heritage Night from DimensionTravelerCalum, mentioned the current planned schedule.  Their next meeting will be Sunday, December 15th at 13:00 KI time, with future meetings one Saturday a month at the same KI time.  Keep up-to-date at the HN site. Weiterlesen